A SYSTEM, like a recipe, includes the ingredients, explains the process, and gives you an idea of the amount of time it will take to complete. With that in mind, here is the SYSTEM we follow in order to achieve the time and financial freedom we desire:

Prospecting – Identifying those who might have an interest.

  1. Print the Isagenix Share Sheet and then watch the video.
  2. Print three copies of your Who Do You Know? list and begin filling them out. The 99 names should come from the contacts in your cell phone, your email database, and your facebook friends.
  3. Download your FREE Kindle App Reader and then download these two short easy-to-read books: How To Get Instant Trust, Belief, Influence and Rapport! and Ice Breakers! How To Get Any Prospect To Beg You For A Presentation.


Presenting – Sharing the Isagenix story with your prospects.

  1. Before your Isagenix products arrive, review the How To Post On Facebook document, and then following the instructions, post on Facebook tonight!
  2. With your three completed Who Do You Know? lists in front of you, listen to the Ask People To Take A Look audio, and then begin inviting those on your lists to take a look at Isagenix. Remember to “use the right words” and keep it simple.
  3. Direct everyone with an interest in learning more to ShareTheStoryNow.com and then follow-up as agreed, using a 3-Way Call(Document & Audio)whenever necessary.


Duplicating – Teaching others how to succeed by using the SYSTEM.

  1. As soon as someone decides to set up their own Isagenix account, just like you did, and expresses an interest in getting their products paid for, earning some extra income, or becoming the next Isagenix Millionaire, invest some time with them. Take them to EveryoneStartsHere.com and explain our three getting started steps: 1) Use The Products. 2) Learn The System. 3) Share The Story.
  2. Print and complete The Map to Crystal Executive. Watch YOU+2 THEM+2 followed by How To Get Paid and Get Your People Paid; then help them choose their first income earning goal and take action!
  3. Make sure every new associate gets plugged in and stays plugged in. Have them register for our Team Newsletter and make sure they understand the importance of listening to our monthly Sunday Night Team Call. Lastly, help them become familiar with their Associate Back Office.


Now you’re ready to move on to   Step 3: Share the Story!